Archive: Educational Work and Internships

Solus - Scripter intern

Role: Scripter intern (Mid-November 2013 - April 2014)

Description: I began my internship at Teotl studios in November 2013 as a scripter. I learned how to script using blueprint, the engine's visual scripting system.

Eden: Last Stand - Game designer intern

Role: Game designer intern.

Description: I began my internship at Dreamstage AB in April 2014 as a game designer intern. We used Unity3D as our engine to create Eden: Last stand, and I learned how to use the plug-in nGUI as I was in charge of UI and HUD function and design. I also scripted functions in the game using C#.

When my internship ended, Eden was still in a prototype stage and had not yet gotten its own official website.

OriGo - Game designer, scripter.

Role: Game designer, scripter.

Description:While studying at Futuregames we got to have three game projects that differed in size and genres. Our last game project was made in Unity3D, as for the decided genre, our school approached Fatshark to give us a game concept and fill a publisher role. The mechanics were scripted using C#


Role: Various (Technical designer, Game designer.)

Description: Various documents I've written during my time as a student.