I'm currently not accepting Remote Contract Work with hard deadlines:

As a Writer, I can write in both American and British English, depending on the specification. I use Word 2016 and Twine for narrative writing.
Depending on the pay and contract conditions, I can accept a wordcount-specific or an hourly wage.

As a Game Designer or Scripter, I can do design documentation as well as script using Unity (C#), Unreal Engine 4 (Blueprint), and Cryengine 2 (Flow Graph.)
I can also use in-house engine scripting, as long as it works in a way similar to coding, XML, or JSON files.

Contact me via e-mail or by other methods listed below.

Currently located in: Stockholm, Sweden

Current position: Content Designer for Paradox Interactive (Crusader Kings 3) and freelancing for Onyx Path Publishing (self-employed writer).

Available for paid work, contact me for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your freelance rates?

A: My rates are negotiable depending on the type of job I'm being contracted for, the size of the project, whether I am allowed to show the project in my portolio, and the length of the contract, among other things. Contact me for further information.

Q: What is your preferred way of contact?

A: You can contact me by email or LinkedIn for professional matters. If you have other inquiries, or if you wish to say hello, I have a Twitter account which you can contact me by.

Q: Where can I play your games?

A: Games that I've worked on for companies are available for purchase on the platforms which they are released on if they've been published.

Q: Are you currently looking for work? / Are you open for job offers?

A: I'm currently open for freelance/remote offers as a scripter/game designer/content creator or writer. Contact me for further details.

Q: Could you look at my CV? / Can you pass on my application on to someone?

A: I sometimes offer a gig on Fiverr where I give feedback on resumes. As for passing it along, I'm afraid I can't do that. Unless I know you personally and can vouch for your skills, I'm not going to pass on your resume.

Q: What scripts are running on your website and what do they do?

A: If you're using plug-ins such as Ghostery, you should notice that there are 1-2 trackers on my portfolio site. I'm using Statcounter to keep track of how often people visit my websites and which sites people frequent the most. I use that data to update the pages that people visit. On pages that also have Youtube links for displaying videos, DoubleClick is a part of Google's tracking. These are the only Trackers that I know should appear on my portfolio site. I don't have any advertisements on my website.